Priscilla Presley Net Worth: How Much Has Elvis’ Former Wife Accumulated?

Priscilla Presley is a well-known American actress and businesswoman who rose to fame after marrying the legendary musician Elvis Presley. Since then, she has become a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, with a successful career in acting and business ventures. However, one of the most intriguing aspects of her life is her net worth, which has been the subject of much speculation over the years.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Priscilla Presley’s net worth is estimated to be around $50 million as of 2023. This figure is a result of her successful acting career, business ventures, and her divorce settlement with Elvis Presley, which included a one-time payment of $725,000, child support, and spousal support. Over the years, Priscilla has continued to grow her wealth through various investments and business ventures, cementing her status as a successful entrepreneur.

Despite her success, Priscilla Presley has faced her fair share of financial challenges, including bankruptcy in the early 1990s. However, she has managed to overcome these obstacles and rebuild her wealth through hard work and determination. Today, she remains a prominent figure in the entertainment industry and a source of inspiration for many aspiring entrepreneurs.

Early Life of Priscilla Presley

Priscilla Presley was born on May 24, 1945, in Brooklyn, New York, as Priscilla Ann Wagner. Her father, James Wagner, was a US Navy pilot, and her mother, Ann Wagner, was a homemaker. When Priscilla was six months old, her family moved to Austin, Texas, where she spent most of her childhood.

Priscilla was a shy and introverted child who loved to read and write. She attended the Immaculate Conception Catholic School and then the Austin High School, where she was an average student. In her teenage years, Priscilla developed an interest in fashion and beauty, and she began experimenting with makeup and hairstyles.

In 1959, when Priscilla was 14 years old, she met Elvis Presley, who was serving in the US Army and stationed in Germany. They began a long-distance relationship, and Elvis invited Priscilla to visit him in Germany. In 1962, Priscilla moved to Graceland, Elvis’s mansion in Memphis, Tennessee, and they got married in 1967.

Marriage to Elvis Presley

Priscilla Presley was married to the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, from 1967 to 1973. The couple first met in 1959 when Priscilla was just 14 years old and Elvis was 24. They began dating when she was 16 and he was 25, and their relationship was kept private for several years due to their age difference.

Elvis and Priscilla were married in Las Vegas on May 1, 1967, in a ceremony that was attended by only a few close friends and family members. They had one child together, a daughter named Lisa Marie Presley, who was born on February 1, 1968.

Their marriage was not without its challenges. Elvis’ career kept him away from home for long periods of time, and Priscilla struggled with being a young wife and mother in the public eye. She also had concerns about Elvis’ infidelity, which eventually led to their separation in 1972 and their divorce in 1973.

Despite their divorce, Priscilla and Elvis remained close and continued to co-parent their daughter. Priscilla has stated that she has fond memories of their time together and that she will always cherish their relationship.

Overall, Priscilla Presley’s marriage to Elvis Presley played a significant role in her life and contributed to her public image and net worth.

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Career in Entertainment Industry

Acting Career

Priscilla Presley is an American actress who began her career in the entertainment industry as a teenager. She made her acting debut in 1980 in the film “The Adventures of Ford Fairlane”. She also appeared in numerous television shows and films, including “Dallas”, “Melrose Place”, “The Naked Gun” trilogy, and “Spin City”.

One of her most notable roles was playing the character of Jenna Wade on the hit television series “Dallas” from 1983 to 1988. She received critical acclaim for her performance and was nominated for a Soap Opera Digest Award for Outstanding Actress in a Supporting Role.

Business Ventures

In addition to her acting career, Priscilla Presley has also been involved in several successful business ventures. She served as the chairwoman of Elvis Presley Enterprises from 1982 to 1998, where she oversaw the management and development of Graceland, Elvis Presley’s former home, and other related businesses.

Under her leadership, Graceland became a popular tourist attraction and the second most-visited private residence in the United States, after the White House. She also helped to establish the Elvis Presley Trust, which manages the Presley estate and ensures that Elvis’s legacy is preserved for future generations.

Priscilla Presley has also been involved in the fashion industry, launching her own line of fragrances and cosmetics, as well as a line of clothing and home decor products. She has been recognized for her entrepreneurial spirit and was awarded the Women’s International Center Living Legacy Award in 1997.

Overall, Priscilla Presley’s career in the entertainment industry and business world has been marked by success and innovation. She continues to be a respected figure in both fields, and her contributions to the preservation of Elvis Presley’s legacy have been widely recognized and appreciated.

Role in Graceland Estate Management

Priscilla Presley played a significant role in managing the Graceland estate after Elvis Presley’s death. In 1982, she became the chairwoman and president of Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE), the company that manages the Elvis Presley brand and Graceland estate. She remained in this position until 1998.

During her tenure, Priscilla Presley oversaw the transformation of Graceland from a private residence to a public museum. She worked tirelessly to preserve Elvis Presley’s legacy and promote his music and image. Under her leadership, Graceland became one of the most visited homes in the United States, with over 600,000 visitors annually.

Priscilla Presley also played a key role in expanding the Elvis Presley brand beyond music. She helped negotiate licensing deals for Elvis Presley merchandise, including clothing, jewelry, and home décor. She also oversaw the production of several Elvis Presley films and television specials.

In 1998, Priscilla Presley stepped down as chairwoman and president of EPE but remained involved in the management of the Graceland estate. She continued to serve on the board of directors and as an ambassador for the Elvis Presley brand. Today, the Graceland estate is worth an estimated $500 million, and it remains one of the most popular tourist attractions in the United States.

Charitable Works

Priscilla Presley is not only known for her successful acting and business career but also for her philanthropic activities. She has been involved in various charitable works and has supported numerous causes throughout her life.

One of the notable charitable causes that Priscilla Presley supports is the Dream Foundation. The Dream Foundation is a non-profit organization that grants wishes to terminally ill adults. Priscilla has been a long-time supporter of the organization and has served on its board of directors. She has also actively participated in fundraising events for the Dream Foundation.

In addition to her involvement with the Dream Foundation, Priscilla Presley has supported several other charitable organizations, including the American Red Cross, the Starlight Children’s Foundation, and the Humane Society of the United States. She has also been an advocate for animal rights and has worked with various animal rescue organizations.

Priscilla Presley’s charitable contributions have not gone unnoticed. In 1988, she was awarded the National Humanitarian Award by the National Conference of Christians and Jews for her philanthropic work. She was also honored with the Dream Foundation’s Founders Award in 2015 for her continued support and dedication to the organization.

Overall, Priscilla Presley’s charitable works reflect her compassion and commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

Priscilla Presley’s Current Net Worth

Priscilla Presley is an American actress and businesswoman who has a net worth of $50 million as of 2023. She is best known for her marriage to Elvis Presley and her acting career.

After her divorce from Elvis Presley in 1973, Priscilla received a one-time payment of $725,000, child support, and spousal support. She also received a portion of Elvis’s estate, which included Graceland, the Presley mansion in Memphis, Tennessee. Priscilla has since turned her attention to business ventures, including co-founding Elvis Presley Enterprises and launching a successful fragrance line.

In addition to her business ventures, Priscilla has continued to act in both film and television. She has appeared in numerous movies and television shows, including “The Naked Gun” series and “Dallas.” She has also competed on “Dancing with the Stars” and served as a guest judge on “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

Priscilla’s net worth also includes her inheritance from her daughter, Lisa Marie Presley. Lisa Marie inherited a portion of Elvis’s estate, which she later sold for $100 million. Priscilla also manages Lisa Marie’s trust, which is worth an estimated $71 million.

Overall, Priscilla Presley’s net worth is a testament to her successful business ventures and her continued presence in the entertainment industry.

Factors Influencing Net Worth

Priscilla Presley’s net worth is influenced by various factors. Here are some of the key factors that have contributed to her current net worth of $50 million.


Priscilla Presley inherited a significant portion of Elvis Presley’s estate, which includes Graceland, his music royalties, and other assets. This inheritance has been a major factor in her net worth.

Acting Career

Priscilla Presley has also had a successful acting career, which has contributed to her net worth. She has appeared in several films and television shows, including “The Naked Gun” series and “Dallas.”

Business Ventures

Priscilla Presley has also been involved in various business ventures, which have helped to increase her net worth. She has launched her own fragrance line and has also been involved in real estate investments.

Legal Battles

Priscilla Presley has been involved in several legal battles over the years, which have impacted her net worth. For example, she recently reached a settlement in a legal battle with her granddaughter Riley Keough over Lisa Marie Presley’s trust.


Priscilla Presley has also made smart investments over the years, which have helped to grow her net worth. She has invested in various stocks, real estate, and other assets.

Overall, Priscilla Presley’s net worth is the result of a combination of factors, including her inheritance, acting career, business ventures, legal battles, and investments.

Comparison with Other Celebrities

Priscilla Presley’s net worth of $50 million places her among the richest celebrities, but how does she compare to other famous figures? Here is a brief comparison:

  • Lisa Marie Presley: As the only child of Elvis and Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie Presley has a net worth of $-16 million, according to Parade. Despite her negative net worth, Lisa Marie has released several albums as a singer-songwriter.
  • Tom Cruise: With a net worth of $570 million, Tom Cruise is one of the wealthiest actors in Hollywood. He has starred in numerous blockbuster movies, including the Mission: Impossible franchise and Top Gun.
  • Oprah Winfrey: Oprah Winfrey’s net worth is estimated to be $2.6 billion, making her one of the richest women in the world. She is a media mogul and philanthropist, known for her successful talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show.
  • George Clooney: George Clooney has a net worth of $500 million, thanks to his successful acting career and his business ventures, including his tequila brand, Casamigos.
  • Kim Kardashian: Kim Kardashian’s net worth is estimated to be $350 million. She gained fame through her reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and has since launched her own makeup line and fragrance collection.

Despite not having the highest net worth on this list, Priscilla Presley’s wealth is still impressive, particularly considering her successful career as an actress and businesswoman.

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