TNREGINET: How to search EC and guideline value online?

TNREGINET is the go-to website for all your property needs in Tamil Nadu. From searching Encumbrance Certificates (EC) to checking guideline values, this online portal has simplified the process and made it accessible right at your fingertips. In Tnreginet blog post, we will explore what TNREGINET is all about and guide you through the steps on how to search EC and guideline value online. So buckle up as we take you on a virtual tour of TNREGINET and unlock the mysteries behind these crucial land records. Let’s dive in!


TNREGINET, short for Tamil Nadu Registration Department’s online threginet portal, is a one-stop destination for all your property-related queries and transactions in the state. This user-friendly website offers a wide range of services that aim to streamline the cumbersome processes often associated with property dealings.

Gone are the days when you had to physically visit government offices or wait in long queues to obtain essential land records. TNREGINET brings convenience right to your doorstep (or rather, your computer screen). In few clicks, you can access vital information such as Encumbrance Certificates (EC) and guideline values without any hassle.

What sets TNREGINET apart is its commitment to transparency. Whether you’re buying, selling, or simply curious about real estate values in Tamil Nadu, TNREGINET provides an invaluable resource at your fingertips.

Moreover, TNREGINET offers additional features like e-stamping and online payment options, making it even more convenient for users who prefer digital transactions over traditional methods. This seamless integration of technology not only saves time but also eliminates paperwork and reduces the chances of errors.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking for EC details or an investor seeking guideline values before making a purchase decision, TNREGINET has got you covered.


TNREGINET, also known as Tamil Nadu Registration Department’s online portal, is a revolutionary initiative by the Government of Tamil Nadu. It aims to digitize and streamline various processes related to property registration and land records in the state. Through this user-friendly platform, citizens can access a wide range of services conveniently from anywhere.

The portal provides valuable information about Encumbrance Certificate (EC) and guideline value for properties. EC is an important document that establishes the ownership status and any encumbrances on a property. Guideline value, on the other hand, refers to the minimum value set by the government for different areas or localities.

With TNREGINET, you no longer need to visit government offices or rely on intermediaries for these essential documents. The online search feature enables you to check ECs and guideline values easily within minutes!

So why should you care about TNREGINET? Well, it eliminates unnecessary delays and saves time by providing instant access to crucial information related to your property transactions. Whether you are buying or selling real estate in Tamil Nadu, having accurate data at your fingertips can help make informed decisions.

Importance of TNREGINET

TNREGINET, also known as the Tamil Nadu Registration Department’s official website, is a crucial platform for property owners and buyers in Tamil Nadu. This online portal provides various services related to property registration and land records.

One of the key reasons why TNREGINET is important is its convenience factor. Gone are the days when people had to stand in long queues at government offices to get their property documents verified or obtain EC (Encumbrance Certificate) and guideline value details. With TNREGINET, these tasks can now be done from the comfort of one’s home or office with just a few clicks.

Moreover, TNREGINET ensures transparency in property transactions. The availability of up-to-date information about EC and guideline values helps individuals make informed decisions while buying or selling properties. It eliminates any chance of fraud or manipulation by providing authentic data directly from government sources.

Additionally, TNREGINET saves both time and money for users. Instead of spending hours visiting different offices for obtaining necessary documents, individuals can simply access them online through this portal. This not only speeds up the process but also reduces unnecessary expenses.

The importance of TNREGINET cannot be overstated. Its user-friendly interface, accessibility, transparency, and time-saving features. Whether you are a buyer or seller, using TNREGINET will greatly simplify your journey towards owning or transferring a property hassle-free!

How to search EC online using TNREGINET?

Searching for an Encumbrance Certificate (EC) online has become much easier with the introduction of TNREGINET. This online portal provides a convenient way to access important property documents, including ECs, from anywhere at any time. To search for an EC using TNREGINET, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the official website of TNREGINET.
  2. Click on the “E-Services” tab and select “Encumbrance Certificate”.
  3. Choose your district and sub-registrar office from the dropdown menu.
  4. Fill in the required details like document number, year range, and document type.
  5. Enter the security captcha code correctly and click on “Search”.

Within seconds, you will have access to all relevant information regarding encumbrances registered against a particular property.

How to search guideline value online using TNREGINET?

The Tamil Nadu Registration Department has made it easier than ever to access and search for guideline values through the TNREGINET portal. This online platform allows users to conveniently check the guideline value of land in Tamil Nadu from the comfort of their own homes. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to search for guideline value online using TNREGINET.

  1. Visit the official TNREGINET website and navigate to the “Guideline Value Search” section.
  2. Once there, you will be presented with various options such as district, taluk, village, survey number, and sub-division number.
  3. Next, select your desired district from the dropdown menu. This will narrow down your search area and make it more specific.
  4. After selecting your district, choose the taluk where the land is located. This further refines your search parameters.
  5. Once you have chosen the taluk, enter either the village name or survey number of the land in question. If you are unsure about these details, you can also use other available filters like street name or door number.
  6. Click on “Submit” and wait for the desired results page to load.
  7. You will then be able to view all relevant information regarding guideline values for that particular area.

With just a few clicks of a button on TNREGINET, searching for guideline values has never been easier! Take advantage of this user-friendly portal today and stay informed about property values in Tamil Nadu.

How to check Tamil Nadu land guideline value?

Checking the guideline value of land in Tamil Nadu is crucial when it comes to property transactions. Here are a few simple steps to help you with this process.

  1. Visit the official website of TNREGINET  and click on “Guideline Value” under the “E-Services” tab. This will take you to the Guideline Value search page.
  2. Next, select your district and zone from the drop-down menus provided. You can also choose between urban or rural areas based on your requirement.
  3. Once you have selected the necessary details, enter additional information such as street name, door number, village name, etc., if required. This will narrow down your search for more accurate results.
  4. After entering all the necessary details, click on “Search”. The website will display the guideline value for that particular property location based on current market rates and other factors.
  5. Remember that these values are subject to change periodically due to market fluctuations and government regulations. Therefore, it is advisable to stay updated by checking regularly or seeking professional advice if needed.

How to check jurisdiction for guideline value?

Checking the jurisdiction for guideline value is an important step when it comes to property transactions in Tamil Nadu. To ensure that you are accessing the correct information, follow these simple steps.

  1. Visit the TNREGINET website: Start by visiting the official TNREGINET website, which is the online portal for registration services in Tamil Nadu.
  2. Select “Guideline Value” option: Once on the website’s homepage, navigate to the “E-Services” section and click on “Guideline Value.” This will lead you to a new page where you can search for guideline values based on jurisdiction.
  3. Enter District and Taluk details: On this page, select your district and taluk from the dropdown menus provided. Make sure to choose accurately as this will determine your jurisdiction area.
  4. Choose Village or Town Panchayat: After selecting your district and taluk, another dropdown menu will appear where you need to choose either a village or town panchayat name within that particular area.
  5. Search for Guideline Value: Once all details are entered correctly, click on “Submit” to initiate a search for guideline value within your specified jurisdiction area.
  6. View Results: The search results will display various details related to properties within that specific jurisdiction area including survey numbers, land type categories, sub-registrar office names, etc.

By following these steps carefully using TNREGINET’s online platform, you can easily check the jurisdiction for guideline value before proceeding with any property transactions in Tamil Nadu

How to Calculate Building Value on TNREGINET?

TNREGINET is a valuable online portal for searching EC and guideline values in Tamil Nadu. It provides easy access to important information that is crucial for property transactions and legal purposes. By utilizing the search features on TNREGINET, individuals can conveniently find ECs, check guideline values, and calculate building values.

Whether you are a buyer or seller of property in Tamil Nadu, TNREGINET offers a reliable platform to ensure transparency and accuracy in real estate transactions. With just a few clicks, you will get vital details about properties such as ownership history and encumbrance status through the EC search feature.

Additionally, being aware of the guideline value of land is essential when buying or selling property. By using TNREGINET’s online services, anyone can quickly discover the current guideline value of any land parcel within Tamil Nadu’s jurisdiction. 

Furthermore, understanding how to calculate building value on TNREGINET enables users to determine accurate valuations for their properties. Knowing the precise building value aids in assessing insurance coverage or determining sale prices.

TNREGINET serves as an invaluable resource for both individuals involved in real estate transactions and those seeking general information about properties in Tamil Nadu. Its user-friendly interface ensures that accessing necessary documents like ECs and checking guideline values is hassle-free.

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